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Garam Hamam

The Wonder of the world and the Mughal garden based on the 2000 years old ancient Roman Greece and 400 years old technologies and traditions of the Akbar Emperor the great. A Turkish Bath Unani Royal Health Care resort of Mughal Royal Tradition.

Introduction at a Glance

The Garam Hammam or the Turkish bath is the new addition to our chain of hospitals and list of treatments. The bath has been built in a way that it is simultaneously modern as well as traditional. The Turkish bath has miraculous effects on both the mental and physical health In a traditional Turkish bath a person sweats approximately 1.5 litres in 15 minutes. This has therapeutic effects and helps in relieving stress and controlling blood pressure. The cleansing and relaxing effect of the bath does not merely contribute to the well being of the psyche. This treatment is beneficial for many physiological ailments as well.

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