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About The Founder

Dr.Akbar Kausar's Hospital complex consisting of the Al-Kausar Herbal Unani International Hospitals, Daiveega Maruthuvam Unani Hospital, Al-Kausar Unani Kidney Foundation.

  • Dr. Kausar has translated entitled “Maghzanul Muffaradath” (Unani Materia Medica) book from Urdu to Tamil language for Government of Tamil Nadu. Rendered free service without any remuneration. This book is prescribed for B.U.M.S. Degree course.
  • He has carried out extensive research on Kasini plant in collaboration with Coimbatore Avinasilingam University and Madras University and has proved the efficacy of the herb in treating diabetes, Kidney and Liver disorders. As an outcome of the research the cheapest rate of 50 paise per Kg with government support is made available to all.
  • Research with these universities helped him to come out with the herbal Drugs (a) Kasini Plus (b) Kasini Ashshifa - 1000 (c) Ashshifa- 500 for treating Diabetes, Hepatitis and Chronic Renal Failure respectively.
  • He has done extensive research on Thala Virutcham, the concept of temple trees in Hinduism, the Kevala trees of Jain temples and Bodhi trees of Buddhist temples.
  • He has identified more than 600 varieties of plants from the old Unani Classical literature which are related to planetary movements (Navagarha Plants) and simultaneously influence Human life.
  • The Tamil Nadu legislative Assembly lauded by the Hon’ble speaker, Ministers and M.L.A. passed a resolution recognising the services of Dr. Akbar Kausar in the treatment of Diabetes, Kidney diseases, Alcohol and Drug De-addiction with Unani Herbal medicines. The Agriculture Minister requested the MLA’s to propagate Dr. Akbar Kausar’s invention Kasini plant in their respective constituencies and encourage the farmers to start Kasini cultivation (13-05-1999). Hon’ble Chief Minister exempted sales tax to the Kasini plant products.
  • Tamil Nadu Assembly Legislative Assurance Committee visited Dr. Kausar’s Hospital on 16-09-2003, appreciated his dedicated medical services and recommended to the Government of Tamil Nadu to preserve and publish the medical books, journals and medical articles written by Dr. Akbar Kausar.

Innovation in Medical Treatment

  • Turkish Bath a 2500 year old Unani treatment which offers spiritual and physical purification in steamy rooms vanished during the British Period. Dr. Akbar Kausar revived it with extensive research on Garam Hammam and by constructing Al Kausar Shahi Garam Hammam at Vaniyambadi which is unique and only of its kind in India with a huge investment.
  • Unique Medicinal Herbal Garden has been created by Dr. Akbar Kausar with 100 bed Hospital surrounded by 2 lakh Bamboo trees, 122 varieties of Holy trees of Hindu, Jain and Buddha temples besides 70,000 medicinal plants maintained in 50 acres of land at Vaniyambadi.
  • Revived traditional treatment methods like Hydrotherapy, Aerotherapy, Heliotherapy, Geotherapy and Ilaj Bit Tadbeer.

Books and Publications

  • He has authored more than 200 medical books in Tamil, Urdu, Malayalam, Kannada and published several research papers on medicine.
  • He has published a thousand pages book on the medicinal values of worshipping Hindu Temple Trees. This book was made available to disciples in all major Hindu endowment temples through the Government of Tamil Nadu.
  • He has translated and Published Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) medicine book from Arabic to Tamil, Malayalam & Urdu Languages. These books were included in the syllabus of Madurai Kamaraj University for B.A. (Islamic Studies) and Arabic Madrasas of Kerala state.
  • He is the editor of Unani medical journals: (a) Deiveega Maruthuvam (Tamil) (b) Health Plus (English) (c) Health Plus (Hindi). The monthly Journal (Deiveega Maruthuvam) containing 60 multi colour pages publishes Dr. Kausar’s articles exclusively and those marketed at a lowest price Rs. 10/- only.
  • Devi Tamil Weekly published his articles on Medicinal values of plants for more than 20 years continuously.
  • His articles have been published continuously in more than 10 Tamil newspapers and Magazines and other vernacular languages Chandrika (Malayalam), Sanjeevani (Kannada) Siyasath (Urdu).

T.V Programmes for Health Awareness

  • A total of 210 hours episodes of 30 minutes on Health Awareness has been produced by him and telecasted in more than 10 popular Hindi, Urdu, and Tamil satellite channels, focusing on the medicinal value of temple trees.
  • Produced a TV serial on Planet Medicine based on the classical Unani Book Maghzan-ul-Adviya authored by Hafiz Hakeem Mohammed Ashraf sahib Sargoodavi.
  • Produced documentaries on evils of Alcoholism and Drug addiction which were telecasted in Tamil TV channels.

De-addiction Centre

  • His alcohol and drug de- addiction and rehabilitation centre which was established by him 30 years ago, has helped thousands of Alcohol and Drug-addicts to come out of that habit.
  • Since 30 years he is celebrating 26th June as an International Day against the Drug abuse and illicit trafficking to create awareness among the public and student community regarding the evils of Drug Abuse, arranging meeting, exhibition, free de-addiction camp, processions, telecasting audio video films, cultural programmes, songs etc. at Vaniyambadi to expose the evils of drug abuse. He was nominated as a member to the committee of experts (Unani) in the treatment of Alcoholism and Drug de-addiction by the Health & Family Welfare Ministry, Govt. of New Delhi (1990).
  • The centre has trained so far 6000 volunteers to propagate the evils of alcohol and drug abuse.

Communal Harmony

Dr. Kausar’s concern for Communal Harmony is exhibited by:

  • The establishment of Communal Harmony at Vaniyambadi, inaugurated by Shri. N. Ram of the Hindu and Prince of Arcot, in 1990.
  • The extensive search of temple trees and publications of book titled “Medicinal Value of the Hindu Temple Trees” has created the sense of inter–community Harmony, besides health benefits of Temple trees.
  • He donated a constructed building to the Government of Tamil Nadu to start Umarupulavar Industrial Training Institute in Nagalapuram village near Tuticorin.
  • Dr. Kausar has consecrate Arogya Vinayagar Temple in Vaniyambadi and taking care of its maintenance.
  • He donated 11 acres of land and Rs. 2 lakhs to the government of Tamil Nadu to construct communal harmony center (Samathuvapuram) at Nagalapuram village near Tuticorin.

Awards and Medals

He has received many awards and medals from various N.G.Os and Government institutions for his life time achievements.