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Diabetic Nephropathy

It is a proven fact that diabetic results in many other problems and ailments which affects the eyes,
the nervous system,the sexual potency and also causes much harm to the essential organs such as
the heart, the liver and the kidneys

Diabetic Nephropathy Introduction

  • Diabetic Nephropathy is a condition which occurs when the kidneys are deteriorated because of Diabetes.
  • In the present are, where most ailments are caused by our unhealthy and hectic lifestyles, Diabetes and Diabetes Nephropathy, is a common occurrence.
  • Dr Akbar Kausar, an authorized and experienced medical practitioner, has discovered remedial measures to tackle this problem.
  • According to his research, Kasini Plus and Ashshifa-1000, are considered to be the most effective antidote to cure Diabetic Nephropathy and its consequential ailments.

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Remedial Measures

Dr Kausar’s discovery and research on the herbal formulation has proved that Kasini, Kasini Plus and Ashshifa-1000, have the curative abilities to deal with Diabetes, Diabetes Nephropathy and Liver disorders, without causing any harm or side effects. These herbal drugs also help in,

  • Reducing blood sugar.
  • Controlling cholesterol and protecting the heart.
  • Maintaining essential organs such as the kidneys, pancreas, eyes and the nervous system, among others.
  • Improving sexual potency.
  • Controlling hypertension and Cancer.
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