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Diabetic Complications

It is a herb, which is commonly used as a green vegetable in the Arabian Countries. It is very nutritious and rich in vitamins and minerals. It promotes good health and also helps in protecting the essential organs including, the kidney, heart, liver, nerves and muscles from further damage “Consume Kasini, on this the drops from paradise fall every day.It protects one from life taking diseases.” – Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W)

Description of Kasini

The Al-Kausar Herbal Hospitals (Pvt), pioneers in providing Kasini herbal medicines, claim that it is very effective in curing and controlling blood sugar, cholesterol, uric acid and many diabetic complications. Apart from that it is also used in the treatment of liver ailments and Hepatitis conditions. In general, it promotes good health, well-being and can be seen as a natural remedy for umpteen diseases.

  • Kasini Greens:
    Kasini herb can be used as a green leafy vegetable and cooked accordingly and consumed as a part of regular diet.
  • Kasini Powder:
    Dr Kausar’s clinic provides kasini powder which can be used as a hot drink or soup. It also comes across as an excellent alternative for tea and coffee. It can be prepared by boiling it in hot water and then filtered and used as a decoction or with milk as per one’s preference.
  • Kasini Capsule:
    it is best advised to take one or two capsules twice a day along with water or milk, as per one’s convenience.

Diabetic Complications

Diabetes is a condition which begets many other related ailments and to cure one completely, it is mandatory to focus on all the complications involved. Given below is a list of complications that most diabetic patients encounter and which can be cured by the use of Kasini.

  • Diabetes and Hypertension:
    Most often patients suffering from diabetes are also faced with the problem of high blood pressure. It manifests itself in symptoms of dizziness, swelling, Nausea, and high palpitation, among others. It can be controlled by regular treatment and diet.
  • Diabetic Retinopathy:
    Diabetes, being a condition that affects the nerves and the blood vessels the most, it ultimately results in the deterioration of the nerves of the eyes. The micro circulation of the retina is affected by the rupture of blood vessels, which results in Hemorrhage and eventually leads to blurred vision and blindness. Herbal remedies such as Amla, Kasini and Triphala, are suggested to cure diabetic Retinopathy.
  • Diabetic Neuropathy:
    This condition manifests itself in pricking sensation and discomfort in the soles, feet, palms and the nerves. It also leads to sexual inefficiency as the nerves get affected, if Diabetes is left uncontrolled and unattended.
  • Lack of Sexual Desire:
    Most diabetic women fall prey to this condition as the discomfort during intercourse eventually leads to a lack of desire or urge for physical gratification. Dr Kausar’s suggested remedy, Kasini Hero, has been confirmed as an antidote. Two capsules every night helps to cure women of sexual inefficiency.

  • Impotency:

    This herb also provides cure for all those suffering from various sexual problems and it is also effective in enhancing the sexual life of married couples. Kasini Hero, has been introduced as the ultimate herbal drug, which deals with all the sexual problems that many diabetic patients suffer from.

Introduction to Kasini Hero

After much research, Kasini Hero has been confirmed as a very safe and effective remedy for curing many ailments and diseases. It is free from metals, steroids and devoid of side effects and fatal consequences. The main ingredients of this herb consists of, gums, seeds, flowers, leaves and the bark of Acacia Nilotica (Babool). Joyfal, Mace (Joyfal and Javithiri), Tamarind and Kasini flowers. It is very effective in curing sexual problems and also enhances the fertility in male and female. Most diabetic patients suffer from low and unsatisfying sexual life. The consumption of Kasini Hero provides much relief and helps in providing sexual gratification, which in turn results in a happy family life.

  • Kasini Hero is manufactured by: Dr. Akbar Kausar,

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Diabetes and the Heart

The heart is another important victim of diabetes. Most diabetic patients fall prey to silent heart attacks, followed by excruciating pain and discomfort which is felt all over the body. The increase in blood sugar disrupts the supply of blood to the heart, thereby resulting in strokes. This can be effectively prevented and treated by the use of Kasini herbs and cardio tonics, which eases the blockage and promotes better blood supply. EFFAA Healthy Life Private Limited, situated in Chennai, offers ‘Hart Care,’ the perfect remedy to combat heart complications.

  • Introduction to ‘Hart Care’
    This product comes in the form of capsules and powder, which dissolves and prevents cardiovascular blocks. It also accelerates and helps in disintegrating the fat in the body and reduces serum cholesterol and triglycerides. This method ensures free blood circulation to the arteries, thereby preventing stress and induced cardiac disorders. This drug can be consumed by dissolving the powder in water, or by taking it as capsules, twice a day.
  • Hart Care is manufactured by: EFFAA Healthy Life Private Limited

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