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This system of medicine is believed to have originated from Greece, sometime in the fourth and fifth century B.C, during the patronage of Hippocrates. It was further developed and launched as a separate and comprehensive medical category by the Arabs, who backed its claims by means of scientific research and exclusive study. This method provides cure for various ailments and diseases only by means of herbal remedies, predominantly using herbal plans and extracts.

In the contemporary world, most people are resorting to Unani treatment for their many modern-day ailments as it provides cure without side effects. It provides a holistic healing experience, making sure that the human mind and body are in sync and in turn encourage healthier lifestyles.

Basic Components

  • The human body is composed of seven basic components: Elements, Temperament, Humours, such as Body Fluids, Organs, Vital Spirit, Powers and Functions.
  • These factors are responsible for maintaining a healthy body and any absence or excess of these components, results in drastic consequences.
  • The four humours, constitute the essence of Unani treatment: Blood, Phlegm, Bile and Black Bile.

Basic principles of treatment in Unani

The medical approach taken in the Unani treatment is very different from the other modern system of healing. Some of the basic factors taken into consideration are:

  • Diseases are treated by prescribing anti- temperament drugs and blood purifiers.
  • Unani medicines are mostly available in the form of powders, tablets, decoctions, infusion, distillates, lehya-halwa, majoon, sharbat, khameera, lavooq, perfumes and oils, among others.

In cases of kidney failure due to disrupted functioning of the nephrons, the waste materials remain in the body, thereby contaminating the blood, which results in the damage of all the vital organs. Dialysis is usually done by means of artificial purifying, by which the artificial kidney is used to remove the waste and toxic material from the blood. In the case of impaired or defected kidney, the process of diffusing blood is done across a semi permeable membrane to remove the toxic materials. This can be done by two methods,

  • Artificial kidney dialysis
  • Herbal blood purifying (herbal dialysis)

Ashshifa-500: Traditional Blood Purifier / Herbal Dialysis (Blood Purification)

The allopathic system of healing has identified many chemical compounds present in the blood such as urea, creatinine, sodium, potassium, sugar, uric acid, bilirubin and so on. When all these components exist striking a balance, it ensures good and sound health.

In the unani system, many ailments such as skin diseases, jaundice, asthma, and renal failure, are believed to be caused by the impurities present in the blood. The treatment is done by means of using herbs as blood purifiers. In some cases, suitable diets, proper use of herbs and other natural methods are used to purify the blood. According to the research conducted on Dr Akbar Kausar’s discovery of Ashshifa-500, it has been confirmed that this herbal remedy acts as a natural blood purifier. It expels the waste matter from the body, thereby purifying the blood without causing other side effects.