Retail medicines
Medicine Delivery

The Akbar Kausar Foundation, a world renowned hospital chain, has patients visiting from different parts of the globe. An enormous number of Non-Residential Indians who are residing at various European countries, including Malaysia, Middle East, Singapore, France and Germany, resort to this hospital to get cured of their respective ailments and concerns. People of other nationalities such as Arabs, Germans, Bangladeshi’s and Pakistani’s also seek medical help from the clinic. The patients can avail excellent facilities including a comfortable stay for their treatment and air conditioned rooms are also provided upon request.

The Delivery of Medicines

Prior to their consultation, the patients can avail their prescribed medicines by means of post or courier services. The essentials required are:

  • A photo copy of the prescription
  • A Demand Draft, M.O., T.M.O, of the respective amount, in favour of Dr.Akbar Kausar A/c. No. 0951101001316, Canara Bank, Vaniyambadi.
  • Contact details including Telephone, Fax and Email address and also the residential address if the patients are residing outside India
  • The patients are required to send photo copies of past medical records, such as discharge summary, prescriptions, X-ray, blood test reports, ultra sound scan report, MRI scan report and other details.
  • The medicines will not be sent by V.P.P.
  • The patients can get good service from the staff as the help service is available at 04174 – 235390 & 235395 and +91 984 234 7868

Sub-Offices and Other Facilities

Dr Akbar Kausar chain of hospitals has no branches anywhere. There are sub-offices situated in Chennai and Bangalore, which provides many herbal medicines, including, Kasini greens, Kasini Powders and Kasini capsules, Kasini Hero, Arabian Oil, Kasini pain relief balm, among others. The medical books authored by Dr. Akbar Kausar are available in these offices.