Retail medicines

Core Objective:

  • To enlighten the general public about significance and role of kidneys and other vital organs of the human body,
  • It aims to spread awareness and to inculcate a healthy lifestyle among people so they can be well aware of the kidney diseases and adopt preventive measures.
  • To combat the disease by means of a healthy diet therapy and herbal remedies.

Medical objectives:

  • To generate a cure for the modern day ailments by an effective blend of the classical teachings of the Prophet along with the latest developments of medical science.
  • To conduct scientific research on the herbal remedies for kidney diseases.
  • To rehabilitate the kidney patients.
  • To propagate and encourage the curative method of herbal blood purification among the general public.
  • To find low budget herbal medical treatment for the ailments and to preserve the herbs by the cultivation of herbal gardens.
  • To discover alternate herbal solutions for the purpose of artificial kidney dialyses for the blood purification treatment of the kidney and liver failure patients.