Retail medicines
Herbal Hospital Medicines

The Al-Kausar Foundation provides effective services for all their patients by providing timely help in the form of medicines and expertise. The experienced and insightful medical practitioners ensure a very assuring healing experience and the many facilities provide a comfortable stay at the hospital.

The patients are advised to follow a procedure where they are first diagnosed with the help of tests and scans and then prescribed medicines depending on,

  • The age of the patient .
  • The illness or physical condition.
  • The previous medical reports and diagnosis .

Medical objectives:

  • The hospital is visited very frequently by patients hailing from various corners of the globe and the efficient services and good customer support makes it a very satisfying experience for the patients.
  • The patients can avail the medicines either by picking it up directly or by courier services and be assured to receive in on time.
  • The hospital provides cure for all modern day ailments and illness and predominantly focuses on diseases related to the kidney and other illness which eventually lead to the deterioration of the kidneys.
  • The treatment adopted comprises of all herbal and natural remedies and the main focus is providing relief and cure by the use of Kasini and Ashshifa herbs.
  • his herbal remedy has been initiated by the very resourceful and brilliant Dr Akbar Kausar, who has also conducted a complete and comprehensive research on the subject.
  • This herb has been confirmed to be the best cure for most of the modern day ailment, which is consequential of the modern day lifestyle.