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Cupping therapy

Cupping Therapy has been derived from the ancient Chinese tradition and has been used to cure many ailments, without any corresponding side effects. This method aims at forming vacuum with the aid of glass or plastic cups.

About Cupping:

The cup is placed on the body and in turn localized congestion in created which helps in restoring the tissues of the body. Depending on the ailment and the body type, the pressure is created accordingly. This therapy is directed at finding the points or ‘Meridians’ through which energy flows into the body, accessing every gland or organ in the body, in turn nourishing and restoring it.

Through suction, the skin is drawn into the cup by creating a vacuum in the cup placed on the skin over the targeted area. The vacuum can be created either by the heating and cooling of the air in the cup or via a mechanical pump. It is believed by some to help treat pain, deep scar tissues in the muscles and connective tissue, muscle knots, and swelling.


There are two types of cupping: Dry cupping and Wet cupping (controlled bleeding), with wet cupping being more common. For these methods, Preference varies with practitioners and cultures.

Dry cupping: The cupping procedure commonly involves creating a small area of low air pressure next to the skin. However, there are varieties in the tools used, the methods of creating the low pressure, and the procedures followed during the treatment.

Wet cupping : Wet cupping is also known as Al-Hijamah or medicinal bleeding. The first documented uses are found in the teachings of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.A number of hadith support its recommendation and use by Muhammad.