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Fomentation Therapy

A Fomentation means simply the application of a compress such as a folded towel which has been squeezed from hot water, or made hot by steaming.

About Fomentation Therapy

Fomentation, or sweating, necessarily follows oleation. Induced by heat from different sources it brings sweat on the skin through hair follicles by opening the pores of the skin. Due to fomentation the agni is increased and the fatty tissue gets mobilised. While throwing out waste as ama (toxins) through the skin it also helps liquify aggravated doshas, dilating all body channels for the cleansing.

This method focuses on curing the diseases from its roots and the first measure is flushing out the impurities from the body. The practitioners of this therapy strongly hold the conviction that an internally clean body provides good health and fitness.


The fomentation is the standard treatment used by all people who apply the simple remedies.

Some of the uses of fomentation are:

  • Use the fomentations for pneumonia, bronchitis, coughs, arthritis, colitis, peptic ulcer, systemic diseases such as lupus, infectious mononucleosis, or influenza. It should not be used in tuberculosis or heart attacks.
  • A Fomentation can be placed on the abdomen, chest, around a thigh, across the back, or used in any way to bring heat to an area. It can be placed over the sinus area to treat sinusitis, or it can be wrapped around the feet of a person who needs a hot foot bath but cannot sit up.