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Reiki Therapy

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine which can also be conceived as a spiritual practice, which has been acquired from the Japanese tradition. It is also known as palm healing by which the practitioners of this therapy believe that the universal energy.

About Reiki Therapy:

Reiki can be transferred into the body through the palm, in the form of ‘qi’ or the life energy. This method aims at providing an internal healing process which helps to arrive at a perfect equilibrium of the mind, the body and the senses. When all these essential elements are in sync, the body eventually becomes free of all ailments and arrives at a state of divine bliss.

This is just a complimentary aid to medicine that one can use with REJU i.e. attunement or initiation. Without initiation one cannot use it effectively. Those who try to practice this just by reading a book may get only a part of the healing effect that will be initiated with their own energy, not the universal life force.

Anyone who wants to help himself and the humanity can learn Reiki.The basic qualification needed to learn Reiki is a clean & good heart.

Healing Techniques:

Age, educational background, religion, belief pattern do not matter. As Reiki is not a faith, It is a scientific fact.Reiki healing is very simple. One may just heal by gentle touch on the affected area.

This touch need not be direct to the skin. It may even be over the clothes. If it is not possible or desirable to touch the affected body part, one may keep the hand about an inch or two above the affected area over the body avoiding any touch.

When one healing with Reiki, one does not have to totally concentrate. One can heal while watching TV or while reading or doing any work where hands can be free too! At times, when you need to give reriki but your hands are not free; you may even give Reiki with the third eye and heal!